Major Features of SOUL are as follows:

  1. UNICODE based multilingual support for Indian and foreign languages;
  2. Compliant to International Standards such as MARC21, AACR-2, MARCXML;
  3. Compliant to NCIP 2.0 protocol for RFID and other related applications especially for electronic surveillance and self check-out & check-in;
  4. Client-server based architecture, user-friendly interface that does not require extensive training;
  5. Supports multi-platform for bibliographic database such as My SQL, MS-SQL or any other RDBMS (for SOUL 2.0 only);
  6. Supports cataloguing of electronic resources such as e-journals, e-books, virtually any type of material;
  7. Supports requirements of digital library and facilitate link to full-text articles and other digital objects;
  8. Support online copy cataloguing from MARC21 supported bibliographic database;
  9. Provides default templates for data entry of different type of documents. User can also customize their own data entry templates for different type of documents;
  10. Provides freedom to users for generating reports of their choice and format along with template and query parameters;
  11. Supports ground-level practical requirements of the libraries such as stock verification, book bank, vigorous maintenance functions, transaction level enhanced security, etc.;
  12. Provides facility to send reports through e-mail, allows users to save the reports in various formats such as Word, PDF, Excel, MARCXML, etc.;
  13. Highly versatile and user-friendly OPAC with simple and advanced search. OPAC users can export their search results in to PDF, MS Excel, and MARCXML format;
  14. Supports authority files of personal name, corporate body, subject headings and series name;
  15. Supports data exchange through ISO-2709 standard;
  16. Provides simple budgeting system and single window operation for all major circulation functions;
  17. Strong region-wise support for maintenance through regional coordinators. Strong online and offline support by e-mail, chat and through dedicated telephone line during office hours.

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