SOUL 3.0: Circulation Video Tutorial Click here

The Circulation module allows us to to create/edit/delete/search User records,renew membership and also establish relationship between the user and resources by creating transaction records (Issue/Return/Renew),Reserve the item(s),issue the item on ILL,Book bank transaction facility and get number of routine reports and some management reports.

The module deals with all operation related to library members i.e creation,deletion and modification of members.Apart from these user may copy an existing membership record update it with a new membeship code.User can serach membership records by using the option search member by using different searching parameter such as code,name,department,designation,entry date,category and if user want to delete any membe rthat there are two options to delete membership record, either single member or Group member deletion.

Functionalties of Circulation Module:

  • Transaction process of material
  • Book Bank Issue/Return
  • Group Issue/Return
  • Member login/logout facilty
  • Stock verification
  • Inter Library Loan (ILL)

Membership renewal can be also done using this module.Member barcode and member card is also generated in this module.After competion of academic course user can issue no -dues to the students/members in bulk as well as in individual.